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Work Placement

From the 6th semester, students can be employed for a certain period in Greek or international public and private sector organizations, research bodies and companies in Greece and abroad, with the aim of their practical training and specialization in subjects related to the subject of Physics. This is done in the context of the Placement, an activity established by the General Assembly with number: 462/22-02-2016.

Within the framework of the ESPA program, the available positions per academic period are announced by the Placement Office of the University of Ioannina (usually in November). Indicative for the 2019-20 academic year, the available positions were forty-three. Students who, in the academic year of submission, are in their 3rd or higher year of studies have the right to apply for Placement. In addition, they are required to have passed at least 50% of the courses of the first two years of the study program. Eligible periods as well as instructions for finding a company/institution for employment are given by the Placement Office and the International Relations office as well as by the responsible Physics Department faculty members for the Placement. The supporting documents required for the Placement application are those mentioned in the respective announcement for Placement.

For the students who are selected for Placement in Greece (ESPA program), the search and finding of the institution carrying out the Placement is their sole responsibility. Placement Office ( and the responsible of the Physics Department (Associate Professor Emmanouil Benis) are at their disposal with a series of activities and personal contacts to help them in their choice.

After their selection for Placement in Greece, a faculty member is assigned as a supervising Professor, who monitors them and cooperates with them and the Placement implementation body. After the end of the Placement, the student, in collaboration with the supervisor, submits a report accompanied by a relevant certificate from the Placement implementation body.

For the ECTS recognition of the practice, the student submits to the Secretariat:

  1. Application
  2. Activity Report

The report is evaluated by the Board of Directors of the Department. In the event of a positive evaluation, the student is granted 3 credit units (ECTS), which count towards the 240 required to obtain a degree without a corresponding grade.

More information in the attached file:

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