Learning Outcomes

The undergraduate program’s learning outcomes are expected to be the following:

  • Gaining an understanding of the fundamental principles and phenomena in Physics and in particular the importance of the concepts of scale (subatomic, atomic, cosmological), energy (low, high energy) and methodology (classical, quantum, relativistic) in gaining such understanding.
  • Develop a deep understanding of and competence in use of mathematical tools needed for the proper analysis and description of the fundamental principles and phenomena in Physics
  • Learn to use contemporary experimental and computational techniques that are widely used in applications in Physics
  • Develop the ability to apply theoretical and experimental knowledge and expertise acquired in a wide range of contemporary interdisciplinary topics (energy, materials science, optoelectronics, microelectronics, nanotechnology, space physics, laser physics, environment, medical physics, nuclear technology, computational physics).
  • to obtain training in educational methodologies for teaching Physics in the primary and secondary education sector.

Learning outcomes for all subjects available in the Postgraduate Course can be found in the relevant course description. Course descriptions can be found in the department’s webpage and in the links below: http://www.physics.uoi.gr/en/node/644 and http://www.physics.uoi.gr/en/node/645.