The Physics Department Secretariat

The Secretariat admits students for any secretarial process and information during the whole duration of their studies. It is located at the Administration Building and is open for students daily 11:00-13:00. 


Secretariat’s Personnel

ANASTASIA ANASTASIOU, Secretary of the Department





The Student Reading Room - Library

The Student Reading Room – Library of the Physics Department is located at the 3rd floor of the Φ2 building and is open daily 9:00-15:00. The biggest part of the book collection (approximately 15000 titles) as well as the whole collection of scientific journals (around 80) are located at the Central Library of the University of Ioannina (1st and 2nd floor), from where the students may borrow them. The topics covered by the books correspond to the research interests of Physicists, while many of them are adapted to the bibliographical needs of the Programme of Studies of the Department. There are also scientific books for the laymen, as well as books regarding the history, philosophy and didactics of Sciences. At the Reading Room – Library, there is access to bibliographical databases and to electronic scientific journals via the Central Library of the University.  The student Reading Room – Library is also connected to the National Library Network through which the possibility of extended bibliographical searches and order of reprints is offered.

At the student Reading Room – Library, the students may have access (reading – photocopying) to the books of the collection that have remained at the Library of the Department and whose number will increase in the future. In addition, at the Reading Room two computer hot-spots are operating with approximately 20 terminals in total which the students may use for their computing needs in courses that demand the use of a computer and internet access. Moreover, a projection room is operating at the same space, while the Seminar Room and the Departmental General Assembly Meeting Room are also located there.

At the reading room, a wireless network system is operating that allows the students and visitors to connect to the internet via their personal laptop.

The telephone number is 26510 08510, while the email address is


Library’s Personnel

EFTHIMIOU FOTEINI (Bachelor Degree in Literature)


The Experiments Demonstration Room

At the Department of Physics, an Experiments Demonstration Room has started to operate (Room Φ3-126/122). In this room, there are several experimental arrangements demonstrating different Classical Physics phenomena, divided in thematic sections that include: Mechanics, Mechanical and Sound Waves, Thermodynamics, Electromagnetism, Light and Electromagnetic Waves as well as several Modern Physics demonstration experiments. Every arrangement has an interactive character, the objective being that its users, following the instructions accompanying every experiment, may complete the experimental procedure, comprehend the physical principles on which it is based and interpret the results. The operation of this room provides support to a number of undergraduate courses, as well as to courses and research conducted in the framework of the Postgraduate Studies Programme “New Technologies and Research in Didactics of Physics” of the Department -  it also helps to bring secondary education students closer to physics. The room may be used for demonstration of Physics experiments, by postgraduate and undergraduate students, to high-school students who may visit it in groups after an arrangement is made between the group teacher and the Room Operation Committee. The Room has also equipment for Virtual Physics Experiments demonstrations on a computer as well as a small space for seminars. The construction of the Room was funded in the framework of operation of the Postgraduate Studies Programme “New Technologies and Research in Didactics of Physics” via the ΕΠΕΑΕΚ programme of the Ministry of Education as well as by the Physics Department.    


Computer Laboratories

The Department of Physics has two modern Computer laboratories of total capacity of 60 personal computers. The computers are equipped with Windows and Linux operating systems. All computing courses are taught at this room. The room is also open during specific hours on a daily basis for the practical exercise of the students. At the building, a wireless network system is operating that allows the students and visitors to connect to the internet via their personal laptop.